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Thu Jan 24 08:16:32 PST 2008

between your packages, you can have a deterministic install or upgrade
path anymore. From a software engineering POV, it makes it
harder/impossible to replace/update components in the stack.

Actually, in such a case it's better if you merge these components into one.
If you can't clearly separate them and stack them onto each other, you
should leave them as one. Do you want to merge all the difference
components of the Utopia stack into one?

Take libgtk and libglib as an example. libgtk may use functions from
libglib but not the other way around.

And even if cyclic dependencies are a fact of life, it doesn't mean we
have to introduce them in the Utopia stack. Why make crappy software
when you can do it the right way?

So, a lot of reasons, not to provide this functionality in CK. Still
I'm waiting for one compelling reason to do it in CK.


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