sony-VGN-NR120E patch

Fred de St. Croix fdestcroix at
Mon Jan 28 19:57:29 PST 2008


I'm new to linux and still learning. My last computer was running fedora 
6 and that went well but it died (hardware not software). The first 
thing I did with my new laptop was download fedora 8 and install. 
Everything went well.

I used a quirk to fix my suspend resume problem (backlight stayed off on 

I followed instructions in the "Sending Data Back" page but the last 
step did not make sense to me. (the git pull thing) It seemed to do nothing.

Please find Attachment of the patch that works for my computer the best 
that I could do.

Hopefully this helps.

Keep up the great work. Linux has given me new hope in computers.


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