[PATCH] Revert 5ce97e6f22fd25279793fbc75211d2e86413ae73 from ConsoleKit

William Jon McCann mccann at jhu.edu
Wed Jan 30 21:23:47 PST 2008


On Jan 30, 2008 11:17 PM, Michael Biebl <mbiebl at gmail.com> wrote:
> here is what happens when you install libpolkit only:
> console-kit-daemon --debug --verbose
> console-kit-daemon[14886]: DEBUG: Debugging enabled
> console-kit-daemon[14886]: DEBUG: initializing console-kit-daemon 0.2.7
> ...
> console-kit-daemon[14886]: CRITICAL: cannot initialize libpolkit
> console-kit-daemon[14886]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_async_queue_unref:
> assertion `queue->waiting_threads == 0' failed

That may be a bug or misconfiguration.  Can you investigate the
precise reason why this is failing?  PK has a debug mechanism that may
give you more information.  My guess is that you may be missing some
of the necessary configuration files.

> I.e. the ConsoleKit package will require the complete PolicyKit
> package to be installed in order to function properly.

I think you'll find that isn't true (once you investigate the above).

> Otoh, a package using PolicyKit (like gnome-system-tools) will fail to
> function if the complete ConsoleKit package is not installed and
> console-kit-daemon is not running:

This is a run-time requirement.  Not usually what we refer to when
we're talking about package dependencies.
> I hope you see the problem (the circular dependency) now. But I won't
> beat this dead horse any longer and instead try to be constructive.

This is still not a what we usually consider a circular dependency.

ConsoleKit requires libpolkit to *build*.  Polkit-DBus uses ConsoleKit
over D-Bus when it *runs*.

If PolicyKit had a BUILD dependency on ConsoleKit you'd be right..

> What do you think about moving the system stop/restart functionality
> into a separate D-Bus system service, which claims
> org.freedesktop.System and provides the Stop()/Restart() methods. This
> daemon could use PolicyKit without any side-effects and would be
> auto-started on-demand using D-Bus system activation.
> This would be the cleanest approach imho. What's your take on this?
> Would you accept a patch for this?

And in your view what is the advantage of this approach?  And what are
the disadvantages?


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