[hal patch] Fix building with g++ 4.3

Martin Pitt martin at piware.de
Mon Mar 3 07:27:20 PST 2008


Michael Biebl [2008-03-03 16:19 +0100]:
> 2008/3/3, Martin Pitt <martin at piware.de>:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  attached is a trivial patch which fixes building hal with g++ 4.3.
> Hm,  why do you want to include a c++ header in a c project?

Because the autotools stuff automatically uses g++ to build a *.cpp
file, and addon-dell-backlight.cpp actually uses dynamic_cast,
namespace, and other C++ features.

Maybe the more correct fix is to change the file to only use C, but
that's more invasive, and might not be desired in the first place.



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