[gphoto-devel] [PATCH 0/2] remove deprecated keys from HAL

Hubert Figuiere hub at figuiere.net
Tue Mar 4 09:56:01 PST 2008

On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 12:42 -0500, David Zeuthen wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 00:54 +0100, Danny Kukawka wrote:
> > This really sucks. They had 12 months time to update their projects. If you 
> > have a project that relies on HAL you should be able to take every some 
> > months a look at the spec to see what changed. 
> Also NetworkManager needs to be unbreaked
> http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=hal.git;a=commitdiff;h=73a372961d6a25cad5923350210bbed1621cdbb1
> At least this way we can track down the offending projects. But do
> expect a lot more things to break.

Maybe providing a clear mechanism to deprecate keys? Because with these
changes you are clearly breaking the *ABI*.


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