pm-suspend quirk + fglrx

Stefan Söffing soeffing at
Tue Mar 11 06:54:16 PDT 2008

Hi all,

it had a long fight against fglrx to suspend. Now it seems to work: The
solution for me was, _not_ to use vbe_post and vbestate_restore.

Unfortunately they were enabled for my laptop (a Dell Inspiron
6400/E1505) in

It took me some hours to find out, how HAL manages suspend and I have
only understood very little up to now. That's why I dont' want to
provide a patch for this. I just want to inform you, that it works for
me, only with these options disabled. (Maybe one should take into
account that this setting depends on the video card used, the Inspiron
had at least two different options, one with an ATI video card, X1300
for me, another with an Intel card)

Hope this helps...

If you reply, please CC me, as I'm not on the list.

- Stefan
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