Identifying mobile phones as modems

Wed Mar 12 06:03:46 PDT 2008


De:Pawel Kot
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Para: Bastien Nocera
Asunto: Re: Identifying mobile phones as modems

>Keep in mind that there are more cables (rs232 converters) to connect
Nokia (and probably not only) phones. We have collected more
information at

I would add gnokii to NetworkManager and make it the HAL/freedesktop standard for network, modem and phone management.  

>And one more thing. If it is about automatic starting NetworkManager
when the phone gets connected and it will make all other apps unusable
(because port being in use) I don't think it is a good idea. If it
will let other apps to connect anyway, that's fine.

I agree. We would try the last option ( automatic starting without make all other apps unusable).

>And it was one of my goals to allow various applications to connect to
the phone simultanously through some abstract layer (remember phone

This can be HAL.


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