[PATCH] automatically fix primary (ACPI) batteries which charge with > 50 W

Martin Pitt martin at piware.de
Wed Mar 12 06:17:09 PDT 2008

Hi Danny,

Danny Kukawka [2008-03-12 13:19 +0100]:
> this patch try to detect automatically broken batteries which tell that they 
> charge a primary (Laptop) battery with more than 50 Wh (50.000 mWh), which is 
> IMO in 100% of the cases wrong for Laptop batteries. Maybe we can also assume 
> a much lower level as criterion.

*Being confused* Batteries with a capacity of more than 50 Wh are
quite common (my Dell has a 9-cell battery with 68 Wh).

Or do you mean a charging/discharging rate of 50W? That would indeed
be abnormally high for laptops (I guess even the biggest 17" monster
not-quite-lap-tops will swallow at most 30W).


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