Identifying mobile phones as modems

Daniel Qarras dqarras at
Wed Mar 12 23:53:07 PDT 2008


> > Ok, something like the attached patch? It works for me just like
> the
> > previous one using class and subclass rather than the interface
> number.
> > 
> > PS. I noticed that there are several instances of interface numbers
> > defined in that 10-modem.fdi file already..
> I wouldn't assume that all of them on the other side of the phone are
> GSM; Nokia makes quite a few CDMA phones as well.  Are you 100% sure
> none of them use the same connector?

Looking at the compatibility page for CA-42 it indeed seems so:

We're going a bit off-topic but I think actually Nokia is quitting or
already quit making CDMA phones:,2933,200604,00.html


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