Patch: add keymap for ACER 9300

Carlos Corbacho carlos at
Fri Mar 14 10:08:43 PDT 2008

> This patch (from Mandriva bug
> ) adds keymap for Acer 9300
> laptop.

NAK from me:

1) The pictures of the Aspire 9300 show extra Euro and Dollar keys - this
mapping doesn't have them, and will need them.

2) We don't need to add a new mapping category for this laptop - one of
the existing ones will very likely cover it already.

3) Can you please check back with the user(s) with this laptop whether the
brightness keys need mapping or not? If they don't, then this is just a
"Laptops with extra Euro and Dollar keys" model.

Basically, what you really want is just a one liner patch to add this
model to the right pre-existing key mapping.

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