Improving the suspend quirks guessworking

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Fri Mar 21 09:43:10 PDT 2008

2008/3/20 Martin Pitt <martin at>:
>  a while ago, Matthew Garrett applied a patch to Ubuntu's hal to apply
>  some kernel workaround suspend quirks by default, even if they weren't
>  specified in the hal-info FDIs (see attached patch for reference).

I think this is a really bad idea, sorry. In my opinion this will
confuse users even more ("but I already have quirks and it still
doesn't work!") and stop genuine fixes getting pushed upstream.

>  However, this patch causes a lot of problems on more recent hardware
>  where using the quirks actively breaks suspend.

If we can fix this in the kernel and push this upstream then all well
and good, but I think that making these sort of assumptions is a bad
thing to do.


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