Improving the suspend quirks guessworking

Frej Soya frej.soya at
Tue Mar 25 09:59:51 PDT 2008

Danny Kukawka <danny.kukawka <at>> writes:

> On Samstag, 22. März 2008, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > If the user specifies any quirks, the defaults won't be used. I don't
> > think that's a concern. What's more of an issue is that these aren't
> > "fixes" - they're workarounds for the fact that our graphics system is
> > deficient. I don't think that defaulting to "We will do nothing to
> > restore your graphics state" is helpful.
> I think the current behavior is much more helpful than you think. The current 
> behavior force the people to report problems and quirks back to us. And the 
> benefit in this case is bigger for many users (because we add the quirk and 
> it work then for hundreds users) then use some strange fallback workarounds.
> Danny

As long as every distribution does the same ;). If an fdi file needed on ubuntu
would not be needed on fedora, that would be very confusing. The problem is that
quirks needed for suspend to work - change over time. For every kernel/driver
version they have to be retested.
As an example.. the macbook pro(1. gen) quirk (vbe_post) is actually harmfull
for fglrx 8.03 + 2.6.24-12. Ofcourse this is with fglrx... so who cares ;).

I have no clever solutions, just wanted to note that quirks are not constant
over time. I think this makes it very hard to keep a database of correct quirks.
I'm probably wrong :)

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