[PATCH] remove use of at_console in the D-Bus configuration file

Martin Pitt martin at piware.de
Wed Mar 26 01:10:39 PDT 2008

David Zeuthen [2008-03-26  1:09 -0400]:
> Hey Danny,
> We should probably get this simple patch in. Am checking with you since
> you're driving the release train for .11. The main reason for this patch
> is that PolicyKit is used _anyway_ to control access to methods. And
> using pam_console to do this breaks when you try to e.g. run a power
> manager on the login screen as we're doing in Fedora 9 with g-p-m and
> the new gdm. 

FWIW, +1 from me. We still have a number of upstream projects using
"at_console", and since current upstream consolekit does not support
creating these tags, we had to create a patch for that ourselves (see
FD #14053). Slowly migrating away from this would be great, since the
current dbus upstream implementation of "at_console" is not very
useful IMHO.


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