Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Mar 31 11:19:36 PDT 2008

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Major changes include:

* All the scripts that make up pm-utils have been rewritten to conform
  to POSIX and the Single Unix Specification.  Any remaining bashisms
  or GNUisms are bugs.  If you encounter a script that is not POSIX 
  and SuS compliant, please file a bug.

* There have been several changes to the way hooks are detected and
  invoked. If you have a custom-written hook that breaks upon
  installation of this package, you may have to perform some minor
  fixups to make it work again.  All the hooks that are supplied with 
  pm-utils have been updated to take full advantage of these changes,
  so use them as examples. For more detailed information, see

* pm-utils now has a modular sleep backend. There are currently
  plugins for the default kernel sleep methods, the uswsusp tools
  (s2ram/s2disk/s2both), and rudimentary support for tuxonice. You can
  switch between the sleep modules by setting the SLEEP_MODULE
  environment variable to the desired sleep module.  If you want to
  write a sleep module, see pm/HOWTO.modules.

* pm-utils has a greatly expanded set of debugging features:
  - If the environment variable PM_DEBUG is set to true, the
    pm-suspend.log will contain a full trace of all the actions taken by
  - The HOOK_BLACKLIST environment variable allows you to disable a
    hook without having to modify it.
  - The ADD_PARAMETERS and DROP_PARAMETERS environment variables allow
    you to modify the parameters passed by calling programs (such as
  - More complete logging, including logging the commandline
    parameters, which hooks ran and did not run (and the reasons why),
    and logging the status codes of executed hooks.

* pm-utils has pkg-config support.  This makes it much easier for
  other programs to rely on pm-utils for all their suspend/resume
  quirk handling needs.

In addition to these major changes, there have been a whole slew of
minor changes and bugfixes.  Most of the pm-utils related bugs that
the distributions have encountered have been fixed in this
release. Please see the ChangeLog for more details.

There have also been major changes in the pm-utils project:

* Richard Hughes assumed maintainership of the project after a long
  period of inactivity by Peter Jones. Richard then transitioned the
  project from using CVS to using git as the version control system,
  and opened the floor to several new contributors.

* Victor Lowther rewrote all the scripts to be POSIX compliant, added
  the modular sleep backends, added the new debugging features, and
  did lots of code cleanups and bug fixes. If you find a bug, it is
  probably his fault.

* Michael Biebl improved the PMU support and caught most of the bugs
  that Victor did not catch. 

* Till Maas improved the locking code through clever use of noclobber.

* Dan Nicholson cleaned up our use of autotools, and added pkg-config

* pm-utils now uses git as it source-control repository. You can
  browse the code at, and 

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