Strange mounting issue with ext3

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at
Tue Apr 7 05:42:34 PDT 2009

Cristian KLEIN wrote On 07-04-2009 14:45:
> Roderich Schupp a écrit :

> Isn't the root of the problem using ext3 on a stick? I mean, a
> filesystem with journalling and access control is clearly not suitable
> for a removable drives. I think that using other filesystems is the
> answer (e.g. UDF?).

That's not true. I'm using my laptop's rotational disk as a mass storage device
with the help of an external 2.5" box. It's not SSD, it's not flash drive.

Let's say that I'm a regular enduser, and I want to format that disk and use it
for archival purposes. I'm on Linux and I *have* to use a filesystem which
gives me uid/gid mount options for being able to read/write upon plugging.
I have a plenty of good filesystems around but I'm stuck with proprietary vfat or ntfs?

There should be a solution for this on modern desktop distributions on behalf
of HAL or not.


Ozan Çağlayan

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