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Sun Jan 25 14:29:33 PST 2009


I have a nokia n810 internet tablet. Standard distribution for this device
is using modified TinyX server and I tried to use configure Xorg instead.
This is problem I found:

There is a Fn key on nokia n810. I wanted to use this key under xorg and map
it using xmodmap. But, even using xev, I wasn't able to catch keycode of
this key. I used evtest program and I found out, that this key is using key
code 464! which is unsupported by Xorg. (Xorg deny all keycodes higher then

I was courious, how this was managed in case of TinyX server and I found
out, that they internally "remap" 464 to 216. I tryed do the same using HAL,
but I met following compliction. The combination of Fn+<key> don't return
any keycode... I need to set it up as modifier key. So, what I need is to
tell that key code 464 is not 464 but 216 (or other number lower then 255).
Can I use HAL this way?

Thank you for help,

Michal Koudelka
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