[HarfBuzz] 3rd Libre Graphics Meeting in Wrocław, Poland in May As Site for This Year's Text Layout Meeting

Ed Trager ed.trager at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 07:36:27 PST 2008

Hi, Everyone,

(This message is cross-posted to both harfbuzz at lists.freedesktop.org
and silgraphite-devel since it is of interest to both communities)

We've had some discussion about having the next Text Layout Meeting
(TLM) in conjunction with the 3rd Libre Graphics Meeting in Wrocław,
Poland this coming May 2008.
(http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org/2008/). Scribus folks will be
there, I expect Deja Vu developers to be there, and I think Behdad
Esfahbod has said he will be there too.

We had our first Text Layout Meeting 2 years ago in conjunction with
Gnome Live! in Boston, and our meeting last year with KDE in Glasgow.
So a meeting this year with LGM in Wrocław would continue our healthy
tradition of "mixing things up" with another group in the wide world
of Open Source development.

So if I could quickly get consensus from folks that LGM Wrocław is THE
PLACE to have our 2008 Text Layout Meeting, then we can make that
official and I'll start discussions with the Linux Foundation folks
regarding funding.  As we would once again continue our tradtion of
tagging along with another meeting and thus keeping our own meeting
and travel costs to a minimum, I expect that LF will look favorably
upon our funding requests.


   (1)  Get a "show of hands" from everyone with interest in having
the Text Layout Meeting at LGM Wrocław:

          [  ] YES, Let's have the meeting at LGM Wrocław in May, 2008
          [  ]  No, Let's have it somewhere else.  Specify: _________________

    (2) Find out who is planning on attending LGM:

          [  ] YES, I am definitely attending LGM and am interested in
attending TLM sessions.
          [  ]  I am thinking about attending, but not sure yet.
          [  ]  I will only go if I get travel funding.
          [  ] NO, not going.

    (3) Start collating an Draft Agenda:  Please give us your ideas:

    (4) Start collating a draft list of Presentations:  What do you
want to present ? :

Once I get a few responses, I'll start working on a wiki page, contact
LF about funding, and contact LGM about a room and equipment.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to everyone! -- Ed

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