[HarfBuzz] Inviting People to the 2008 Text Layout Meeting

Ed Trager ed.trager at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:45:53 PST 2008

Hi, everyone,

I have already taken the liberty of inviting two people to join us at
the 2008 Text Layout Meeting:

(1) Ngwe Tun, CTO of Solveware Solutions in Myanmar.  Don't know if he
will be able to manage passport and visa issues, but it would be great
if he could attend.
     Ngwe is working on supporting Burmese.  I've recently discussed
Myanmar syllable and word segmentation issues with him -- Burmese,
like Thai and Khmer, is a spaceless Indic-derived script.  Burmese
thus shares many of the same issues in how to break lines of text with
Thai and Khmer.  As you all know, word segmentation support for these
spaceless Indic-derived scripts is very fragmentary on the Free

(2) Rahul Bhalerao who recently wrote Rendering Recommendations For
Indic Languages

I would also like to invite:

(3) Jens Herden of KDE / KhmerOS.  Jens Herden has worked on providing
support for Khmer on the Free Desktop and has written word
segmentation software for Khmer in the past.  I have not contacted him

If people have specific ideas about who else we should invite, please
do let me know.

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