[HarfBuzz] Hello from jitendra

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Mon Aug 10 09:19:35 PDT 2009

Hi jitendra,

On 07/27/2009 02:02 PM, jitendra wrote:
> This is my first email to this list.
> I wonder if I can see archives.
> I am concerned about opentype font statndard.
>    1. Is it an open standard

The standard is available royalty free, and interested parties can request to 
be involved in the standardization process, but otherwise it's not an open 
process, no.

>    2. Is it a mandatory standard in any country or IIndia will be the
>       first one to make it so?

I don't think it's been mandatory in any country, no.

>    3. Is there any Royalty,legal or technical issue in making opentype a
>       single, mandatory standardin a country.

Well, parts of it, specially the Indic parts, are not documented.  Worse, with 
Windows Vista, the Indic parts of the standard changed completely.  We don't 
have any free software implementation of the new Indic OpenType standard.

>    4. If an opensource , open standard alternative ois needed for
>       reasons stemming from above consideration, is that feasible?

OpenType is the de facto standard for "smart font" technology.  Standardizing 
on anything else makes little sense.

>    5. If the Government decides to support such a move, with programmers
>       in India taking it up, with therebe people on this list who may
>       help? Of course at a cost .

We can use lots of help in documenting and testing the Indic implementation. 
And willing to help, yes.


> --
> jitendra

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