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2009/8/19 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org>

> On 08/19/2009 02:28 AM, Gora Mohanty wrote:
> >
> > What does such a test suite involve? In the past, we have prepared
> > a list of base characters, plus allowed conjuncts (along with
> > example words) for some Indic languages in ICU. Along with these,
> > we have prepared screenshots of the expected rendering, which can
> > be compared to Harfbuzz rendering. Does that suffice?
> That's a good start, though what I want instead is a comprehensive of
> sequences relevant to a language, with a MS-compatible font supporting the
> script, and the output glyph indices and positions of rendering that
> sequence
> with that font.  Then we can make sure HarfBuzz outputs the same.
> If we have the sequences, we can pass it through Pango's win32 backend to
> generate the output sequences.
> Remains, the fonts.  One recurring problem with Free Software Indic fonts
> is
> that when bugs come up, it's not clear whether it's a font bug or a shaper
> bug.  So, initially we can rely on the fonts shipped with Windows.  In that
> case, the test suite can only be run on Windows, but that's still better
> than
> no test suite...

Now a days there are many online indic langauge unicode compliant news
papers available, i was used to to take some sample data from that pages
while my testing work,

for Devanagari Script, There is http://maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/ is
good online new paper

bbc news provides for most of the script i think

i think if you can make any folder with anonymous access, say as a test data
people can put some test data there, as well corresponding pdf(windows
renderering sample), but we should be carefull that we want latest Uniscribe
with OT Specs 1.6
I guess windows only ships that uniscribe with Vista

also making a team for testing will be nice thing i.e


Testing Team:

Devanagari: Pravin S, .. .. ..
Bengali : .......
Gujarati :
Tamil :
Telugu :
Malayalam :
Oriya :
Kannada :
Gurumukhi (Punjabi) :
Sinhala :

also how to test will help lot some people :)

Thanks & Regards,
Pravin Satpute
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