[HarfBuzz] Indic support in Harfbuzz

Jonathan Kew jonathan at jfkew.plus.com
Fri Dec 11 00:27:04 PST 2009

On 10 Dec 2009, at 21:29, Parag Nemade wrote:

> Hi,
>     I would like to know whether current harfbuzz code can be used for testing the rendering of Indic scripts?

Not easily, I think. A little while ago, I started work on Indic support (initially concentrating on the "new" Devanagari standard as used in Vista/Windows7), but AFAIK I don't think Behdad has committed any of that code to the repository yet. At that time, there were still some changes happening in the internal shaper/features APIs. I've been busy in other areas for the past few weeks, so have not been pressing to get this integrated.


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