[HarfBuzz] QUnicodeTables (hooking up with Qt4)

hasen j hasan.aljudy at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 06:52:55 PST 2009


A warning first: I'm a total newbie in this arena. I'm trying to
understand how HarfBuzz works.

My end goal is to hook up HarfBuzz with a Qt4 application, and
contrib/README suggests looking at the code in the tests/ directory

Problem is, I can't build anything under test, for instance if I try
`make shaping` I get:

../linebreaking/harfbuzz-qt.cpp:26:41: error:
Qt/private/qunicodetables_p.h: No such file or directory

followed by a whole bunch of errors, such as:

../linebreaking/harfbuzz-qt.cpp:35: error: ‘QUnicodeTables’ has not
been declared

This is with Qt 4.5 on Ubuntu.

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