[HarfBuzz] harfbuzz coordinate system

James Cloos cloos+fd-harfbuzz at jhcloos.com
Wed Oct 27 12:56:37 PDT 2010

>>>>> "BE" == Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org> writes:

BE> I'm wondering, should increasing y move upwards, or downwards?  Most
BE> graphics API I've seen (PS-based API being the only exception) has y
BE> moving downward.  I find that more intuitive in a text layout
BE> library, so we can say: "in-line glyphs are stacked in the
BE> increasing x direction, lines are stacked in the increasing y
BE> direction."

I've always thought of y going up w/in a font.  It would be weird for
the capsheight to be negative and descender depth to be positive.

Especially since everything else has -ve descenders and +ve ascenders.

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