[HarfBuzz] Question about HarfBuzz-ng CTL Shaper Status

Kenichi Handa handa at m17n.org
Fri Sep 17 00:51:44 PDT 2010

In article <AANLkTi=gcB=M0SNAL8W=uC=nyXzzfJ225HvgHhvkHxV7 at mail.gmail.com>, Ed <ed.trager at gmail.com> writes:

> I think what I would like to do, ideally, is create a "pure" version
> of the font that uses only proper OpenType features.  Then after that,
> I could add certain "corruptions" like negative left bearings.  But as
> it currently stands, I don't even know what to use to test the "pure"
> version of such a font ...

Perhpas you can use the program "otfview" included in, for
instance, "libotf-bin" package of Ubuntu.  You can also
build it from the source; the release candidate version
0.9.12RC is available at:

With that program, you select cmap (perhaps 3-1 (unicode)),
enter character sequences, and specify which features to
apply on it.

By the way, it seems that Tai Tham is encoded in logical
order (unlike Thai).  Then, a shaping engine have to reorder
glyphs before applying GSUB/GPOS features.  And as "otfview"
doesn't reorder glyphs, you must enter a character sequence
in the same order as what a shaping engine will do.

Kenichi Handa
handa at m17n.org

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