[HarfBuzz] isLetter function problems with indic characters

Peter Hunter phunter at atex.com
Sun Sep 19 23:41:27 PDT 2010

I happened to come across the same issue
Seems to me that the return value for isLetter (and IsMark) is incorrectly determined
static HB_Bool isLetter(HB_UChar16 ucs)
    const int test = FLAG(HB_Letter_Uppercase) |
                     FLAG(HB_Letter_Lowercase) |
                     FLAG(HB_Letter_Titlecase) |
                     FLAG(HB_Letter_Modifier) |
    return FLAG(HB_GetUnicodeCharCategory(ucs)) & test;

The return value is a HB_BOOL (which is a byte) whereas the computed mask value for everything other than HB_Letter_Other is greater than 256.
A more appropriate return value would be
    return (FLAG(HB_GetUnicodeCharCategory(ucs)) & test) != 0;

Peter Hunter
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