[HarfBuzz] Guessing the script of a string.

Eduardo Castiñeyra eduardo at brainstorm.es
Mon Jul 4 08:08:16 PDT 2011

El 04/07/2011 17:04, Behdad Esfahbod escribió:
> On 07/04/11 11:01, Eduardo Castiñeyra wrote:
>> Isn't it interesting to get rid of the glib/icu dependencies? Or is hb
>> dependant on one of those anyway?
> There is no dependency.  But if you don't use one of those, you have to
> provide a hb_unicode_funcs_t implementation.  Any system doing real text has
> most of that data somewhere already...
> behdad

That makes way more sense, the first reply to this thread confused me. 

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