[HarfBuzz] harfbuzz-ng: Branch 'master' - 2 commits

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Wed May 16 21:06:05 PDT 2012

On 05/16/2012 11:56 PM, Khaled Hosny wrote:

> Without the intermediate glyphs the layout engine will not proceed to
> the final glyphs.

Ok, this is new to me.  Is it the case with Uniscribe?  I know HarfBuzz
doesn't care, and from the code I've seen, Adobe doesn't care.

> Obtaining initial and final glyphs is easy with hb-shape, what is
> missing is the intermediate ones.

Well actually initial glyphs is not *so* easy.  Are you thinking about setting
a bogus script or what?

>> But I see where you are coming from.  I can add this one too.  It's a bit of a
>> different design from what I have right now, but I can probably add it by
>> adding a generic /observer/ pattern to the GSUB/GPOS machinery, which kinda
>> would be useful otherwise too...
> The current tool fits fine for general subsetting, which is pretty
> useful (it arrived just in time actually, I need it to make language
> subset of my fonts :), but I'm talking about optimising special subsets.

Yep.  I'm all for it.  Just need to understand the requirements and translate
them to code :-).


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