[HarfBuzz] Tai Tham Shaping Question #2 : MEDIAL RA

Ed Trager ed.trager at gmail.com
Fri May 18 13:23:55 PDT 2012

Hi, Behdad and HarfBuzz folks,

2nd TAI THAM shaping question:

Can you also please confirm that at the present time, the HarfBuzz-ng
code base is *completely unaware* of the fact that U+1A55 TAI THAM
CONSONANT SIGN MEDIAL RA needs to be "shifted" so that in the visual
output it *precedes* the base consonant?

i.e., supposing:

* "K" represents U+1A23 LOW KA
* "R" represents U+1A55 MEDIAL RA
* "U" represents U+1A6A VOWEL SIGN UU

Then if in the logical backstore of the string we have:


this needs to appear visually as:


( the "U" is actually a subjoined vowel sign that hangs below the "K"
but we can't show that in email )

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