[HarfBuzz] (hb-view) feature 'onum' needs non numeric character

Rolf Langenhuijzen rolf.langenhuijzen at xs4all.nl
Mon May 28 13:29:16 PDT 2012

Maybe not the most important things, but because I'm testing with hb-view I just report what I come across…

When I test a text like "1960" with the onum feature on, it keeps showing the default lining figures.
If you replace the text with a non numeric character before or after (with our without a space) it works correctly ("a 1960" or "1960a").
Tested with multiple fonts. Maybe a bug?

PS > just tested 'frac' as well and also fractions only show when theres additional text like "1/2 a" .. something like "1/2 4" doesn't work either.


hv-view --output=test.png --features="+onum=1" --margin=100 --font-size=200 "my font.otf" "1960"
hb-view --output=test.png --features="+onum=1" --margin=100 --font-size=200 "my font.otf" "a 1960"
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