[HarfBuzz] (hb-view) feature 'onum' needs non numeric character

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Mon May 28 13:38:20 PDT 2012

On 28/5/12 21:29, Rolf Langenhuijzen wrote:
 > Maybe not the most important things, but because I'm testing with
 > hb-view I just report what I come across…
 > When I test a text like "1960" with the onum feature on, it keeps
 > showing the default lining figures.
 > If you replace the text with a non numeric character before or after
 > (with our without a space) it works correctly ("a 1960" or "1960a").
 > Tested with multiple fonts. Maybe a bug?
 > PS > just tested 'frac' as well and also fractions only show when theres
 > additional text like "1/2 a" .. something like "1/2 4" doesn't work 
 > Rolf
 > |hv-view --output=test.png --features="+onum=1" --margin=100 
--font-size=200 "my font||.otf" "1960"|
 > |hb-view --output=test.png --features="+onum=1" --margin=100 
--font-size=200 "my font||.otf" "a 1960"|

(Without actually checking the code to see how it goes about things,) 
I'd guess it may not be identifying the appropriate script to use if the 
only characters in the text are "common" ones such as digits and 
punctuation. Try explicitly setting the script to Latin.


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