[HarfBuzz] Contextual shaping of Malayalam post(pre)/below base forms

Suresh P sureshp at gmx.com
Tue Jun 11 04:29:31 PDT 2013

Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org> wrote:
>I have no idea what you are asking or suggesting.  Perhaps you can show
>us a
>font and a sequence and explain what the expected output is and what
>actual is and why you think it needs a change in the spec.

I want to know whether it is possible to prevent pref and blwf rules 
being applied using contextual rules

>On 13-06-06 03:05 AM, Suresh P wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In Malayalam some consonants like YA(യ), RA(ര) are quasi-vowels and
>they have
>> post(pre)/below base forms. As per OT spec the pstf(pref) and blwf
>> are always applied and this leads to weird shaping when some
>consonants come
>> as base. Eg. യ്ര, യ്ല, ര്ര, ല്ര. This is more prominent in reformed
>> because one can do away with these forms in traditional scripts. If
>> features can be applied as presentation forms, one can invoke
>contextual rules
>> as and when required. But this will invariably break the current OT
>spec but
>> then no spec is final.
>> So, to pun, this is feature request, too. :)
>> -suresh

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