[HarfBuzz] lack of documentation drives me crazy

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sat Jun 15 12:14:34 PDT 2013


please, PLEASE add some documentation to harfbuzz!  It really drives
me crazy that I have to read the source code of harfbuzz to get some
clues.  This is an endless time sink :-(

While the source code is written very cleanly, the purpose of it is
not as obvious as you might think.  For example, what's the difference


and what's the difference of those two to the


functions?  When should I use the former, when the latter?  Or both?
In which order?

Or: What is a blob?  Why should I use it?  Etc., etc.

IMHO, providing at least a skeleton documentation (i.e., short
sentences which describe the various functions and structures with a
few words) is *essential*, and I call it a really critical bug that
absolutely nothing is available.  And no, the stuff in the `util'
directory is not a valid substitute for lack of documentation, since
those examples aren't documented either (and written in high-level,
non-trivial C++ code).


PS: IIRC, I've asked for documentation already a few times...

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