[HarfBuzz] please remove U+115F U+1160 from default_ignorable

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Tue Mar 19 03:45:32 PDT 2013

I agree that those two should not be in default_ignorables.  Removing.

On 13-03-18 09:48 PM, Konstantin Ritt wrote:
>> If "hiding default ignorable" means substituting by zero-width space,
>> then the pdf file produced by xetex would not contain U+115F and
>> U+1160, resulting in invalid text string when texts are extracted from
>> the pdf.
> Not exactly. As far as I understand, the correct output for UnBatang
> font should be
> [uni115F.ljmo04=1+1000|uni1161.vjmo02=1+0|uni112B.ljmo05=2+1000|uni1160.vjmo02=2+0]
> And if we omit default ignorables that are part of a valid cluster,
> then the output for JieubsidaBatang font would be
> [uni115F.lj4=1+0|uni1161.nt=1+833|uni112B.lj5=2+0|uni1160.nt=2+833]
> w/o having to "accumulate" the overall cluster advance in the cluster base.
>> Only isolated filler may be ignored. Anyway this is illegal input string.
> Indeed. That's why "placeholder" characters like Hangul fillers are
> default_ignorables.
> However, we have an option to preserve default ignorables for the case
> when the rendering system is able to show something useful for a
> broken input text or missing glyphs (i.e. to show the vowel on top of
> a
> dotted square to mention the fact that it is missing a leading
> consonant before, etc.).
> regards,
> Konstantin
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