[HarfBuzz] building harfbuzz with MinGW

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Feb 5 08:37:31 CET 2014

>> since the introduction of gtk-doc support it's no longer easy to
>> compile harfbuzz from the git under MinGW.  Any idea to make this
>> work again?  Ideally, `autogen.sh' should emit a warning if
>> gtkdocize can't be found, not abort, then disable the creation of
>> documentation.
> It's not quite easy.
> Here's what I do: run:
>   NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen
> using the normal (not cross-compiling toolchain),

Ha!  I'm doing all the work on a real Win7 box, so this option doesn't
work.  Note that I can still build a tarball on my GNU/Linux box, then
transferring it to the Win7 box, but this is tedious...


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