[HarfBuzz] chicken-and-egg problem with FreeType

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Mar 5 01:20:32 PST 2014

> This in turn brought this idea: we should amalgamate FreeType and
> HarfBuzz,

Hmm.  From a conceptual point of view, FreeType is definitely at a
lower level than most of HarfBuzz.  Splitting HarfBuzz into two parts
and amalgate the non-high-level part with FreeType is fine with me.

> After that, redo FreeType API to adapt it to what we have learned in
> the past 15 years and call it FreeType 3.

Sounds like a good long-term project.  However, this is nothing that
can be done quickly.  Just remember how long it took to get a (more or
less) final API of HarfBuzz...

*I* can live with the simple FreeType-HarfBuzz-FreeType compilation
cycle.  The only question is whether other parties like that.


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