[HarfBuzz] harfbuzz and localized chars.

Michael IV explomaster at gmail.com
Sun May 22 10:01:12 UTC 2016

Hi All.I have never used harfbuzz ,though heard of it a lot.I am having
some issues with FreeType.I sent them a message describing the problem:

*Hi.I have a system font called MyriadHebrew-Regular.otf*

*I was using "slash" char (code 47)  but then noticed that the one which*

*uses Adobe aftereffects is a little bit different. (typing Hebrew
language) .Then I inspected *
*the font in the FontCreator program and found that it is possible to use
default char (47) called "slash"*
*or localized one,called "slash.1" which is located at the end of the font
glyph maps.Its glyph index is 587*

*So if I explicitly insert that index into FT_Load_Glyph I am getting the
correct localized slash char.*

*But if I use FT_Get_Char_Index where I pass 47  to get the index for that
char I am still getting only the default one.I went over all 4 char maps
with *

* FT_Set_Charmap(faceHandle, charmap);*

*but still the same.I can't cause the Freetype lib to fetch me this glyph
using the API.*

*Any help will be appreciated.*

Now,they answered me this:

*FreeType doesn't take care of localization in any way.  You need
ahigher-level library like Pango or ICU to activate locale handling(i.e.,
selecting script and language for OpenType features).*

Now I wonder,if I should use also Pango or ICU for this.Or maybe I should
harfbuzz?What is the difference? Does harfbuzz parse the font files to
shapes like FreeType?Does it also take care of localized subtables on the
Appreciate any advice what way to choose.
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