[HarfBuzz] Getting compliation error while building harfbuzz library 2.5.0

Bikramjit Singh Biksingh at quark.com
Thu May 30 13:27:35 UTC 2019


We are building and using harfbuzz library 2.1.0 along with icu-le-hb-1.0.3 on both Win and Mac platforms successfully.

We are using Visual Studio 2017 along with SDK version 10.0.17134.0 to build the libraries on Window.

But when I try to build the harfbuzz library 2.5.0, it is giving the following error on Windows:
                "hb-algs.hh(839): error C2440: 'return': cannot convert from 'hb_partial_t<2,Appl,V>' to 'hb_partial_t<2,Appl,V>'"

Please note that we are only building harfbuzz.lib and no other solution e.g. harfbuzz-ot-tag or harfbuzz-subset etc.

Can you please check and confirm ?

Please send the solution also.

Thanks n Regards,
Bikramjit Singh

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