[immodule-qt] Does qt-immodule break XIM on some apps?

Daisuke Kameda kaminmat at cc.rim.or.jp
Thu Dec 2 06:19:14 EET 2004

On Thursday 02 December 2004 00:52, UTUMI Hirosi wrote:
> Qt-immodule is working fine on most KDE apps, but it doesn't work on
> KWord and Opera.
> Does qt-immodule break XIM on some apps?
> I want to know the reason.

Probably, KWord and Opera using original text widget 
and QWidget::isInputMethodEnabled() returns false.

Therefore, inputting text via XIM cannot be performed,
since the instance of QInputContext is not created, I think.

> And will you fix it?

This action follows the specification of the QWidget.
But, since it is easily modifiable, if there is a request, 
I will modify. 

Daisuke Kameda <kaminmat at cc.rim.or.jp>

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