[immodule-qt] Does QT 4 beta 1 support IM modules

Daisuke Kameda kaminmat at cc.rim.or.jp
Mon Dec 27 16:36:14 EET 2004

Kazuki Ohta <mover at hct.zaq.ne.jp> wrote:

> I tried Qt4 beta 1 with following configure option
> $./configure -debug -system-zlib -qt-gif -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -xrandr -xft 
> -inputmethod -inputmethod-ext
> Qt4 beta 1 includes immodule for Qt project's code, but it includes partly. 
> That doesn't seem to include "imsw-multi", which is the switcher of immodule. 
> Because of this, we cannot specify which immodule to use (we cannot configure 
> default im by qtconfig nor environment variable), So, now we can only use 
> XIM. 

Thank you for report. But, I was disappointed about its contents.

If the reason a part of functions are not adopted, and other part are 
remaining exists, please let me know, Lars. Unless the present status and 
the future plan in Trolltech are known, we can't decide our future work.

Daisuke Kameda <kaminmat at cc.rim.or.jp>

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