[ANNOUNCE] libevdev 0.3

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Aug 7 22:28:54 PDT 2013

libevdev 0.3 is now available. Most notably, some function names have
changed to provide more consistency. The old versions are marked as
deprecated and should not be used, they will be removed in the next release.

    libevdev_get_product_id() is now libevdev_get_id_product()
    libevdev_get_vendor_id() is now libevdev_get_id_vendor()
    libevdev_get_bustype() is now libevdev_get_id_bustype()
    libevdev_get_version() is now libevdev_get_id_version()
    libevdev_get_input_prop_name() is now libevdev_get_property_name()

A bunch of new functions have been added to allow configuring a device, it's
now possible to change the device name, phys, uniq, properties, product,
vendor, bustype, version.

And a few misc fixes to prevent weird behaviour or crashes.

Peter Hutterer (20):
      gitignore: ignore gcov, ctags, announce emails
      test: drop some superfluous dev creation
      Allow enabling of EV_SYN codes
      Don't try setting an ABS code without data
      Set the size for repeat delays based on REP_CNT
      Make sure all EV_REP bits are set
      When enabling EV_REP, set the delay/period values
      doc: fix css for notes and return values
      Add libevdev_has_event_pending()
      test: check for enabling REL_X with data
      Add setter for property bits
      Replace libevdev_get_abs_* with macro-generated ones
      Rename a few getters for consistency
      Add abs setters for changing a single value on an abs axis
      Provide setters for name, phys, uniq
      Replace ID getter implementation with a define
      Rename ID getters to have a consistent naming scheme
      Add setters for product/vendor/bustype/version
      Fix header guard, lowercased in some previous search/replace
      libevdev 0.3

git tag: libevdev-0.3

MD5:  1a6120d714588dfa22d64eeb4d8df2ca  libevdev-0.3.tar.xz
SHA1: 6bbec01bb6eeb9fa44b81d8b9d089ea10707674e  libevdev-0.3.tar.xz
SHA256: 14af0eef4a92ea61ac957cc44dd3b02dd654d84f9d0246b6c24f3cd417849f08  libevdev-0.3.tar.xz

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