[ANNOUNCE] libevdev 0.6

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Dec 23 13:40:38 PST 2013

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libevdev 0.6 is now available. The patch rate has now slowed down, so I
suspect the next release will be 1.0 bar any important issues (depends
largely on when David will get the ABS_MAX2 changes into the kernel).

The main changes in library behaviour is that devices with the ABS_MT_SLOT-1
axis set will not be treated as MT devices, but merely as devices with a lot
of ABS_MISC axes.

The rest is cleanup, testing, etc.

David Herrmann (1):
      build: set aux-dir

Gaetan Nadon (9):
      doxygen: libevdev.doxygen must not be distributed
      doxygen: invocation of doxygen fails due to hard coded path
      doxygen: implement silent rules in the makefile
      doxygen: remove redundant "dist_noinst_DATA = libevdev.doxygen.in" statement
      doxygen: fix error msg: 'find: `html': No such file or directory'
      doxygen: fix rebuild when not necessary
      doxygen: fix 'dist' when the html docs have not yet been built
      doxygen: specifying builddir is not required
      test-compile-pedantic: replace -Wpedantic with -pedantic

Peter Hutterer (17):
      Drop deprecated functions
      Drop trailing comma from last element in the enums
      Drop semicolons after getter/setter macros
      test: add a build test for -Wpedantic
      Drop some leftover deprecated constants.
      Fix a typo in the documentation
      Documentation fix, refer to correct function
      doc: add a placeholder man page
      Add a doxygen page listing the ioctls and their current support
      Move the testing part to a separate page
      Constify libevdev_get_repeat
      Support EV_REP values through libevdev_get_event_value
      State that the event is defined for a SYN_DROPPED
      Don't treat devices with (ABS_MT_SLOT - 1) as multitouch devices
      test: split tests into run-time and build-time tests
      test: add basic link test
      libevdev 0.6

git tag: libevdev-0.6

MD5:  f88fe9b5c2bc1a1d53389834493f86dc  libevdev-0.6.tar.xz
SHA1: 32b86e7e369635a8c8e907a890b59e40a1899177  libevdev-0.6.tar.xz
SHA256: 1c562ed32252ef9c14aa61e03b38acb886cb3edbbdafbb5181762ff16e010d93  libevdev-0.6.tar.xz

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