[ANNOUNCE] libevdev 0.4

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Sep 17 21:54:52 PDT 2013

libevdev 0.4 is now available. This release marks the API as stable, after
some larger API reworks.

New features:
- API revisited and changed where needed, with better namespacing.
- support for the creation of uinput devices
- New API to change the clock ID
- New API for toggling LEDs on the device
- EV_SW bits are now supported

APIs deprecated in 0.3 have been removed. APIs marked as deprecated now will
be removed for the 1.0 release - please switch to the new API now.

And of course the usual set of fixes and improvements. Many thanks to
everyone for their patches.


Colin Walters (1):
      tools: Honor GCC_CFLAGS

David Herrmann (8):
      Add -I m4 to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS
      Remove deprecated SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE from doxygen.in
      Pass --no-print-directory to make
      Add some gcc/ld optimizations and magic
      Remove -g from default GCC_CFLAGS
      build: remove -fstack-protector
      Test for CFLAGS/LFLAGS availability
      Reintroduce -fstack-protector

Giovanni Campagna (2):
      Support GNOME Build API
      configure: add missing comma

Martin Minarik (1):
      Fix build without MSC_TIMESTAMP

Peter Hutterer (77):
      Fix stray * in documentation
      test: change device for enabling/disabling bits to use REL_*
      Make the tests optional to drop unneeded dependencies
      test: devices with abs axes need to be created properly
      Minor documentation improvement
      Simplify a bit state setter
      Sync the key state on startup
      Rename libevdev_kernel_set_abs_value to libevdev_kernel_set_abs_info
      Add setters for an event or slot value
      Keep the LED state and sync it after SYN_DROPPED
      Add functions to toggle LEDs on the device
      Store the abs value after handling mt events
      Rename enums to match lower_case format
      Merge branch 'led-handling'
      Remove unneeded include of linux/uinput.h
      Avoid under-allocation of array for syncing key/led state
      Add support for EV_SW
      doc: actually package generated documentation
      Change event name generate script to be python 2/3 compatible
      Ignore -Woverride-init in event-names.h
      Axis values must be int, not unsigned int
      Use libevdev_get_event_type_max from libevdev_get_event_code_name
      Rewrite libevdev_is_event_code to avoid signed/unsigned comparison
      libevdev_is_event_type() needs to check for < EV_CNT
      Add a note that libevdev_is_event_type/code have compile-time ranges
      Fix a few signed/unsigned int comparisons
      Drop deprecated API
      Simplify getter/setter macros
      test: add test for libevdev_is_event_code(EV_SYN...)
      Add C++ header guards
      configure.ac: Drop a superfluous variable
      Fix some compiler warnings about maybe uninitialized values
      Mark all external symbols with LIBEVDEV_EXPORT
      Actually use the gcc CFLAGS set in configure
      Fix two signed vs unsigned int warnings
      Add support for uinput device creation
      test: add uinput creation tests
      test: switch udev backend over to new libevdev-uinput bits
      test: fix ev_rep test for new uinput implementation
      Fix off-by-one errors when dealing with *_MAX values.
      test: add a test for uinput device properties
      memcpy instead of invidual bittoggle
      test: update to test for the various _MAX values
      Use ENOMEM instead of ENOSPC
      Return EBADF when trying to read from an uninitalized device
      Return -EBADF for functions that need the fd initialized
      uinput: don't try to set the syspath twice
      Drop per-device logging function, use per-library one instead
      Log a few errors, specifically application bugs
      Warn if there are multiple devices with the same syspath
      Check for GNU ld and use the flags depending on the outcome
      Match the kernel define for SYN_MAX
      Fix comment typo
      Log to stderr by default
      test: test for logging function
      Merge branch 'logging-fix'
      Revamp the API once again
      Add missing group assignment to a bunch of functions and enumerations
      doc: don't show enum values in doxygen
      Fix comment typo
      Require check 0.9.9
      Enumerate libevdev_next_event() return codes
      Name-space the read flags better
      Remove warning comment from FORCE_SYNC
      Fix a comment to reflect the new API
      test: add a test for checking log data being passed around correctly
      test: provide wrapper for fetching the devnode from a uinput test device
      wrap EVIOCSCLOCKID into an API call
      Revert "Reintroduce -fstack-protector"
      Drop duplicate compiler flag
      Move libevdev_led_value documentation to the kernel group
      Fix a typo in the uinput documentation
      tools: make to function calls static
      Merge branch 'clockid'
      Print an error on an invalid log priority
      libevdev 0.4

polyphemus (1):
      write EV_SYN input_event along with led events to device

git tag: libevdev-0.4

MD5:  8289b5f6112972b291a32375c0d802f8  libevdev-0.4.tar.xz
SHA1: 833dc1cf4e77f86003174d9f86895cd46c953957  libevdev-0.4.tar.xz
SHA256: ba6becd3f41430aa290ddf53694909fb46b9a65d5fe264e5fc2a4f5169484f42  libevdev-0.4.tar.xz

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