[ANNOUNCE] libratbag 0.7.0

Benjamin Tissoires benjamin.tissoires at gmail.com
Wed May 3 08:25:40 UTC 2017

[resending as the first one got lost]

libratbag v0.7 is out.

Not a big release, but a required one, given that we switched over to
meson and changed the configuration process

The list of interesting changes are:
- few bugs/warnings fixes
- switch to meson instead of autotools
- remove autodetection of test and documentation dependencies. Now
  distros have to manually disable those if they don't want them

See the full log at the end if you are interested in the details.


Benjamin Tissoires (4):
      hwdb: add missing G900 over USB entry
      Fix warning: ‘x’ may be used uninitialized in this function
      Fix release.sh for meson
      meson.build: libratbag 0.7

Peter Hutterer (20):
      tools: fix unused variable warnings
      tools: move variable declaration up
      tools: add missing LED_OFF switch case
      tools: fix string parsing for LED colors
      tools: fix Makefile, it's SOURCES, not SOURCeS
      tools: fix compiler warning
      tools: fix compiler warning 'no previous prototype'
      tools: include config.h for ratbag-command
      tools: fix signed vs unsigned comparison warnings
      doc: drop the custom INPUT to doxygen
      configure.ac: remove an erroneous quotation mark
      configure.ac: drop "auto" detection of doxygen dependencies
      configure.ac: drop "auto" detection of test dependencies
      test: pass TOP_SRCDIR via the env or as $1
      test: always run the symbols-leak-test
      Add meson build file
      Remove autotools build system
      meson: add doxygen input files to source list
      doc: use USE_MDFILE_AS_MAINPAGE to include the README.md as mainpage
      meson: break up the two long error messages

git tag: v0.7

The libratbag project does not generate tarballs for releases, you can
grab one directly from github:


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