[ANNOUNCE] libevdev 1.5.8

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Jan 29 04:31:54 UTC 2018

libevdev 1.5.8 is now available. Only two user-visible changes: 
* a sync with the kernel 4.15 so we get the latest KEY_ONSCREEN_KEYBOARD,
* libevdev_change_fd() resets internally to LIBEVDEV_UNGRAB. Previously it
  was not possible to libevdev_grab() an fd after libevdev_change_fd()
  because the internal state was wrong and the call was discarded.

Peter Hutterer (11):
      test: disable coredumps during test suite runs
      test: drop unused parameters from test's main()
      test: remove test for ULONG_MAX queue allocation
      uinput: make a note that the syspath we return is the input node
      include: sync with kernel v4.12
      tools: add a script to sync the kernel header files
      include: sync with kernel 4.13
      When changing the fd, reset our grab state to ungrabbed
      test: add --no-install flag to be able to debug directly
      Sync with kernel 4.15 (BTN_STYLUS3)
      libevdev 1.5.8

git tag: libevdev-1.5.8

MD5:  c25a8c3939e4ad59a5e9e5e1e354832d  libevdev-1.5.8.tar.xz
SHA1: a60e7a43570cdbc64af5adf99ca80023d21a1174  libevdev-1.5.8.tar.xz
SHA256: 6083d81e46609da8ba80cb826c02d9080764a6dec33c8267ccb7e158833d4c6d  libevdev-1.5.8.tar.xz
SHA512: e9485d8c6b48ebf762b32b003bc6b761c548024ad3bc34a0793485b53383746881fcc9b206a078d571937291e519d9822e50c5d8816778d347094691b65ec3fa  libevdev-1.5.8.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libevdev/libevdev-1.5.8.tar.xz.sig

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