events management to simulate a mouse

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Thu Dec 3 23:42:19 UTC 2020


I have experimented a bit and got the basics on how to send blocks of
events using libinput. I now have a simple python script that filter
EV_KEY events and transform them into EV_REL.

Now I have two questions:

1) I'd like to get a sufficiently smooth movement, I wonder how should I
manage acceleration and precision (example: increase the amout of pixels
when I receive an autorepeat event or add more events to a single
block?). Clearly I don't expect to replace the smoothness of a mouse
by sending key events.

2) I'd like to set a modifier and use four keys for mouse
movement (say: w,a,s,d). How do I manage a modifier pressed and at the same
send other EV_KEY events without "blocking" the stream of events?

I wonder if what I'm trying to accomplish would be better managed at the
compositor level (wlroots, in my case).

I'd be happy to receive some pointers (hehe pun ...) about this, thanks!


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