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--- Comment #2 from Paul Berry <stereotype441 at gmail.com> ---
The following patches should fix all of the failing cases except for the

- vbo: Make vbo_sw_primitive_restart optionally count primitives.
- i965/gs: Fix gl_PrimitiveIDIn when using SW primitive restart.

These patches were sent to the mailing list on October 11 and are awaiting

Unfortunately, the GL_LINE_LOOP cases are not easily fixable due to a hardware
limitation: the hardware converts GL_LINE_LOOP primitives to GL_LINE_STRIP
primitives (by repeating the first vertex at the end of the loop) *before*
dangling vertex removal.  As a result, a line loop consisting of a single
vertex causes a single primitive to be output (a line going from that vertex to
itself), whereas the GL spec says that it should cause zero primitives to be
output.  I don't believe this problem is worth fixing.

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