[Bug 76763] GPU hang and display corruption after mesa 10.1 upgrade

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Thu Apr 3 06:48:17 PDT 2014


--- Comment #4 from Coucouf <zecoucou at free.fr> ---
In fact I also have occasional hangs on Mesa 9.2.2, but not that serious (no
application crash, only 3D performance goes down), and without display

Dmesg goes :
[11010.821533] [drm] stuck on render ring
[11010.821537] [drm] GPU crash dump saved to /sys/class/drm/card0/error
[11010.821538] [drm] GPU hangs can indicate a bug anywhere in the entire gfx
stack, including userspace.
[11010.821539] [drm] Please file a _new_ bug report on bugs.freedesktop.org
against DRI -> DRM/Intel
[11010.821540] [drm] drm/i915 developers can then reassign to the right
component if it's not a kernel issue.
[11010.821540] [drm] The gpu crash dump is required to analyze gpu hangs, so
please always attach it.
[11010.824949] [drm:i915_set_reset_status] *ERROR* render ring hung inside bo
(0xf985000 ctx 1) at 0xf985e00
[11016.849418] [drm] stuck on render ring
[11016.849459] [drm:i915_set_reset_status] *ERROR* render ring hung inside bo
(0x10e35000 ctx 1) at 0x10e35e00
[11016.849461] [drm:i915_context_is_banned] *ERROR* context hanging too fast,
declaring banned!

I can post an error dump for that if it’s of any help.

Earlier I got :
[ 9058.287646] [drm:intel_dp_start_link_train] *ERROR* too many full retries,
give up

but I would guess it’s about the display pannel and not related to my hangs and

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