[Bug 76394] [IVB/HSW] ogl-samples: gl-320-primitive-shading render error (missing all colors)

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Fri Apr 4 03:05:59 PDT 2014


--- Comment #3 from Iago Toral <itoral at igalia.com> ---
Debugging the code in src/glsl/ir_set_program_inouts.cpp reveals the conflict
happens because the in Color variable in the geometry shader is incorrectly
considered an output variable.

In this instruction:

Out.Color = In[i].Color;

In[i].Color is not identified as 'ir_var_shader_in' but as 'ir_var_shader_out'
instead, which then leads to follow a different (incorrect) code path in
ir_set_program_inouts_visitor::visit_enter(ir_dereference_array *ir).

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