[Bug 77412] PBO glDrawPixels fails with MSAA

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Alexander Monakov <amonakov at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Alexander Monakov <amonakov at gmail.com> ---
On master this is "fixed" by:

commit 73c78c514f8db0605c0deb85382003d0f66b5525
Author: Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org>
Date:   Fri Feb 21 19:15:51 2014 -0800

    i965: Don't try to use the hardware blitter for multisampled miptrees.

Interestingly, 10.1 has this commit that "fixes" MSAA CopyPixels:

commit f416a15096c0984dce689681a004554ecb2ea728
Author: Paul Berry <stereotype441 at gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Dec 3 15:41:14 2013 -0800

    i965: Don't try to use HW blitter for glCopyPixels() when multisampled.


1. Code duplication between intel_pixel* is quite unfortunate; I'm guilty for
increasing duplication a bit but it wasn't well-factored before me as well;

2. The first commit mentions that blorp would handle msaa; I see that blorp is
used for FBO blits, but apparently not in intel_pixel_*; any reason for that?

3. Even without blorp, I find it quite strange that meta fallback would be that
slow and go through float pack-unpack (even in non-msaa case).

Comments appreciated :)

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