[Bug 79085] Khronos conformance test ES3-CTS.shaders.struct.uniform.sampler_nested_vertex assert fails

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Wed Aug 13 11:24:19 PDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Neil Roberts <neil at linux.intel.com> ---
I had a quick look at this with GDB but I don't yet know the code well enough
to diagnose it properly. The shader is creating a uniform with a nested struct.
It looks like the problem is caused in vec4_visitor::pack_uniform_registers. It
allocates some variable-length arrays to store a new location for some uniforms
and the size of the arrays is this->uniforms, which in this case is 3. The
arrays are indexed with src.reg from the instruction but in this case the
src.reg value for one of the instructions is 3 so it reads and writes off the
end of the arrays.

One of the members of the nested struct is a sampler2D. I think this causes
this->uniforms to have the wrong value. this->uniforms is calculated in
vec4_visitor::setup_uniform_values. However it doesn't increment for the
sampler variable because the vector_count is zero as a result of
storage->type->matrix_columns also being zero.

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